Graham Hall

Who i am depends on who i’m talking to:


I am a Learning Architect with over 10 years of experience  – passionate about effective learning I’ve run learning departments, deploy Learning Management Systems, design learning, and developed learning – either myself of utilising my dedicated offshore team.


My offshore team

I am the person who encourages and ensures what they do is more than just work.

Martial arts world 

We develop software that helps passionate martial artists turn their hobby into a business. Our software is designed to allow them to keep doing what they love doing.

My family

To my kids i am just ‘Daddy’

Learning Specialists

We make effective learning

We have over 10 years of experience in developing learning, managing learning (through Learning Management Systems) and measuring learning. You can engage with us directly, or as part of our partnership with the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) FLURO PTY LTD

AGuyIKnow.Studio - We make videos

Harness the power of video

Whether you need videos to explain big picture concepts, strategy, present solutions, explain processes, or just how to use software – we have the expertise


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