We create engaging digital content for learning and change.


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Engaging digital content for learning and change

Whether you require a simple explainer animation to communicate key messages, have one or many eLearning courses you need developed, or require a plethora of learning artifacts for your implementation project, AGuyIKnow can help


Affordable, engaging, off-the-shelf eLearning branded for you
Developing good engaging training is time consuming. Why “”re-invent the wheel”” for training concepts that are generic across industries. Learning4u is the AGuyIKnow solution that allows us to provide affordable and engaging eLearning for your business.

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Elevate change through campaign learning
AGuyIKnow creates Digital Learning – and this is typically completed once. Campaign learning is about drip feeding digital learning over a period of time.  Applying game design principles we create an engaging experience whilst continually measuring engagement.

We've helped a bunch

We've helped a bunch

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